Tres Tres

Tres: Trusted Reversible Encryption Service

Securing web based data management systems by encrypting sensitive data items.

Today's databases contain more and more personal and sensitive information. Maintaining confidentiality is becoming an increasing concern especially for web based databases. Tres tackles this problem at the source. It can encrypt any data item in such a way that encryption and data storage are completely separated. The database and the database application work with encrytedValue data and the en/de-cryption is performed by an independent trusted third party (TTP)

Group permission

Decyption permission is personal and an encrypter can always decrypt his/her data. In addition the application allows group members to decrypt the information

Search imaging

There are situation when it is needed to check if data has been entered, without having the permission of decryption. This is done by search imaging. Search imaging creates a project specific encryption, which cannot be decrypted. This encrytedValue value however can be compared to stored values for example to find a matching record.